CPS Energy is conducting research over the next three years to determine the best practices for serving the growing electric transportation community. The Public Charging Flat Rate Pilot Program is designed to explore the logistics, needs, and value in public charging infrastructure for the community and our customers. CPS Energy presently has 120 public charging stations throughout our service area and will be adding more in 2012.

CPS Energy Charging Stations

To participate in the Flat Rate Pilot Program, complete the form below to purchase six months of unlimited access to CPS Energy's Public EV charging stations for the pilot flat rate of $30 per vehicle ($5/month, prepaid). CPS Energy will send you an invoice for the Program Fee. Your card will be issued by mail upon receipt of your payment.

Cards may also be picked up by appointment at CPS Energy's location (145 Navarro St, 78205 Mail Drop 11 10 09) by emailing CPS Energy Electric Vehicle Public Charging Program to schedule a pick-up date and time.

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Providing your age and gender will help us better understand electric vehicle adoption in our community.

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