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   Board of Trustees Overview, Role Qualifications & Time Requirements

Board of Trustees - Overview

The CPS Energy Board of Trustees ("the Board") serves as the governing body of Greater San Antonio's electric and gas utility, CPS Energy, which serves more than 884,811 electric customers and 366,709 gas customers. With over $11.5 billion in assets, CPS Energy's Fiscal Year 2021 revenues totaled over $2.5 billion. The Board oversees CPS Energy's management and operations through strategy development and policy guidance. It has full authority to make rules and regulations governing the furnishing of electric and gas service and full authority with reference to making extensions, improvements and additions to the electric and gas systems of CPS Energy, and for the adoption of rules for the orderly handling of CPS Energy's affairs.

The role of the Board is generally described in Section 24 (Management of the Systems) of the Bond Ordinance adopted by the City Council of the City of San Antonio. According to paragraph 5, (and further defined in paragraphs 7 and 8 of Section 24 of the Ordinance),

"the Board of Trustees shall have absolute and complete authority and power with reference to the control, management, and operation of the Systems and the expenditure and application of the revenues of the Systems subject to the provisions contained in this Ordinance, all of which shall be binding upon and shall govern the Board of Trustees."

The ordinance that establishes the Board as the legitimate authority states that the Board may "manage" in a manner similar to private corporations. It is a general practice for boards of directors in private corporations, which have part-time board members, to hire managers to administer the daily affairs of the business. This allows the Board to focus its limited time on matters of vision and purpose of the corporation, the review and execution of its strategy, and oversight of organizational performance toward fulfilling its vision and purpose. Consistent with that model, the purpose of the Board is generally stated as to:

  1. Ensure the future viability and prosperity of CPS Energy; and
  2. Ensure proper performance oversight of CPS Energy.
The activities that the Board undertakes to fulfill its duties are:
  • Lead in partnership with the President & CEO in developing and articulating the company's vision;
  • Review and approve management's strategic and business plans to achieve the vision;
  • Establish and affirm policies that promote effective stewardship and allocation of company resources;
  • Ensure management succession planning;
  • Select, support and develop performance standards for the President & CEO;
  • Understand, provide oversight and monitor the performance of the President & CEO;
  • Review and approve large financial transactions;
  • Exercise appropriate oversight regarding risk mitigation;
  • Set the tone for ethical behavior to preserve public confidence;
  • Serve the customer first among various stakeholders;
  • Follow all applicable laws; and
  • Promote trust within and among stakeholders.


The Board is composed of four Trustees elected by members of the existing Board, the Mayor of the City of San Antonio (City) who serves as an Ex-Officio Member and confirmed by the San Antonio City Council. All five Trustees are voting positions. Each of the appointed Trustees serves a five-year term and is eligible for one additional five-year term. Trustees must be United States citizens and permanent residents of Bexar County and must agree to comply with the City's Ethics Code limiting the business dealings a Board Member and his/her immediate family members may have with the City and with CPS Energy. As part of the Application process, applicants will also be asked financial questions about their payment of taxes and the status of their CPS Energy electric and gas accounts. Trustees are also required to file annual Financial Disclosure Reports with the City.

There are no specific legal requirements for the skills or the kinds of business experience Board Members must have. However, discussion among current Board Members has led to a consensus regarding the desired experience, knowledge, and skills for future nominees:

  • Strategic planning and management - ability to understand and provide oversight responsibility and input regarding complex management and strategic design;
  • Business experience - a minimum of 10-15 years of experience concentrated in one or more of the following fields:
    • Accounting
    • Corporate
    • Economics
    • Energy
    • Government
    • Information Technology, including cybersecurity
    • Legal
    • Marketing
    • Real Estate;
  • Financial expertise - ability to understand financial reporting, financing options, and all aspects of significant commercial transactions;
  • Corporate governance experience - an understanding of the role of a corporate (for profit) board and the responsibilities of board members demonstrated through service on an advisory or corporate governing board;
  • Military or community leadership experience;
  • Public policy and public policy issue expertise - experience with and an appreciation for the unique responsibilities and requirements imposed on CPS Energy as a municipally-owned utility;
  • Leadership, management and communications skills;
  • General business aptitude and acumen; and
  • Preferred Educational Background - a bachelor's Degree in Business, Finance, Accounting, or Political Science or an M.B.A. or a master's Degree in Finance or Public Administration/Public Policy.


  • Prepare for and attend various meetings including (at least 20 hours per month):
    • Monthly Board Meetings;
    • Quarterly Committee Meetings;
    • Special Board Meetings;
    • Group and individual work sessions, as needed; and
    • Telephone meetings, as needed.
  • Travel to conferences, as needed;
  • Ability to serve up to 10 consecutive years; and
  • Assume the rotating Chair / Vice-Chair position every 2-4 years.



Serving on the CPS Energy Board of Trustees is a significant civic responsibility. For more information, please refer to the Board of Trustees Overview, Role Qualifications, and Time Requirements. Please exercise due diligence and careful attention when responding. All information submitted will be verified.

1. Application Process

Every individual seeking appointment to the CPS Energy Board of Trustees must complete and submit the following application.

Completed applications must be received by CPS Energy by 5:00 p.m. CST on August 31, 2021. The Acknowledgment and Notice portion of the application must be digitally signed before an application is considered complete.

A current resume reflecting the following information is required, along with the completed application form:

  • Education;
  • Employment History (a minimum of the last 10 years);
  • Organizational Memberships (a minimum of the last 5 years); and
  • Volunteer Participation (include Civic and Community activities for the last 5 years).

2. Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are not required. However, up to five people who would like to express their support for you may send letters of endorsement via:

  • Email to; or
  • Mail or hand delivery to CPS Energy, Attn: Board of Trustees, 500 McCullough, Mail Drop CT1501, San Antonio, TX 78215; or
  • Upload to this application

Letters must be received by CPS Energy by 5:00 p.m. CST on August 31, 2021.

3. Decision Process

The Board will evaluate applicants who meet the experience, knowledge and skills criteria described in the Overview and Role Qualifications section. One or more applicants may be selected for interviews.

If you are selected for an interview, please be aware that your availability for the interview is very important. Interviews are likely to be scheduled in the last quarter of 2021. The Board will attempt to provide as much notice as possible, but under certain circumstances, only a day or two's notice may be given.

After interviews have taken place, a nominee will be elected by majority vote of the Board at a CPS Energy Board of Trustees Meeting. The name of the candidate will then be submitted by the Mayor to the San Antonio City Council for confirmation.

All applicants interviewed will be informed by letter regarding the decision of the selected nominee.

4. Disclosure of Personal Finances after Appointment to the Board

The City's Ethics Code requires Board Members to submit a Financial Disclosure Report no later than thirty (30) days after accepting appointment and annually thereafter by March 31.

Note: All information provided herein or pursuant hereto is considered public record upon receipt.


We are no longer accepting new applications at this time.




The position of Trustee is one of public trust with responsibility for making and overseeing the rules and regulations governing the furnishing of electric and gas service, including customer payment requirements. Thus, it is important that Trustees maintain a current (paid) CPS Energy account status.

   Acknowledgment & Notice

  • I exercised due diligence and care when responding to each question on this application;
  • The statements contained in the foregoing application are true, accurate and complete; and
  • I understand that any misrepresentation or omission of facts in the application may result in my disqualification from further consideration or a disqualification from appointment.

The position of CPS Energy Board member is one of public trust. By submitting this online application, I give CPS Energy full authority to conduct background investigations on me, including a detailed, 7-year public records background check to be conducted by third-party provider. I agree to provide the information necessary to perform the background check by completing and submitting a separate form provided by CPS Energy.

Information resulting from such background check will be shared with the CPS Energy Board of Trustees and CPS Energy officials and employees assisting with the Trustee search. The information may also be subject to disclosure under the Texas Public Information Act.

We are no longer accepting new applications at this time.

[1] As defined by the Code of Ethics of the City of San Antonio, a "financial interest" exists if any of the following individuals or entities is a party to such contract or sale:

  • the Applicant, the Applicant's parent, child or spouse or any other family member within the first degree of consanguinity or affinity;
  • a business entity in which the Applicant or the Applicant's parent, child or spouse directly or indirectly owns: A) 10% or more of the voting stock or shares, or B) 10% or more of the fair market value of the business; or
  • a business entity of which the Applicant, the Applicant's parent, child or spouse or any other family member within the first degree of consanguinity or affinity or a business entity described in 2(A) or (B) is a subcontractor on a City, CPS Energy, or SAWS contract or is a partner or parent or subsidiary business entity to an organization who is party to such contract or sale.

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